Kenzie Victory Signature Lightroom Presets

Kenzie Victory

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These Presets are mobile presets and compatible for both Android and Iphone and are intended for digital phone photos. You will need the free Lightroom CC app to use them.

For all of my digital work, I use one signature preset. It has made my work consistent and has taken the headache out of guessing which preset will look best on a photo. I've taken this signature desktop preset that I use on all my digital images and have made it into a gorgeous mobile preset. I know it is crazy to think that one preset would work on most (or all) images, but I hope you will give it a try. These aren't simple edits, they simplify your edits. Each one has an uncomplicated name telling you exactly what it does. 

This pack is a set of three. The first being "simplify" the one size fits almost all preset. It is my signature digital preset in mobile form. It elevates tones, lighting, highlights and shadows. The second is the B&W preset. It is soft in nature with some gorgeous grain to resemble Illford HP-5, my black and white film of choice. Last is a bonus preset called "pink". It is exactly what you are thinking. It gives the image an overall pink tone, especially in the highlights, that resembles the pink tones that Fuji 400h gives, the color film of my choice. This preset is maybe the trickiest to use, but has great payoff and takes a little bit of practice. 

These presets are beautiful on natural lit and indoor photos. These are a one click preset but as with anything, will take small adjustments for them to turn out the way you envision the image. 

These presets are intended for mobile use only on mobile jpeg photos. The download comes with installation instructions for both Android and Iphone on Lightroom CC. You can use them on the desktop version of Lightroom, but it does not come with instructions for installation and they are still for mobile jpeg photos. 

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Kenzie Victory Signature Lightroom Presets

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